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B2B Templates

Although CSS can create beautifully styled emails, my goal is to make templates as simple as possible while aligning with QAD’s brand. The audience for my emails are business contacts so it is not appropriate to attempt extremely intricate coding for emails because SPAM filters on business email addresses are far more stringent than personal email addresses. Furthermore, CSS is written in the <head> tag while HTML is written primarily in the <body> tag. When the email is interpreted by email clients (such as Gmail), it strips out much of the <head> tag code leaving only code within the <body> tag and inline text.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Microsite Upgrade
The bi-annual Customer Satisfaction Survey was long, cumbersome and difficult to read. After an upgrade to Aprimo On Demand I modified the form for a more compact and easier to read format.


Support Webinar Email Uplift
After an update to the QAD website, my team developed a matching Support Webinar template using the same festive color codes and gray text bar used on the website at the time.


Precision Email Template Revamp
Precision developed a header and requested a new template to add it to. I created a simple template that would render regardless of CSS stripping.


User Group Email Template Evolution
Over the past few years, the QAD user groups email templates have evolved significantly.


Miscellaneous Templates
Mobile specific templates were especially important in 2011 before the proliferation of Smart Devices that could automatically resize emails. Currently it is more tech savvy to add code to the original email that renders it differently based on the size of the screen on the device the email is being viewed on.












Below are two industry specific email templates that I created in 2011 – one for an Automotive event in Asia and the other for a local conference in the USA.



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