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September 11, 2013 / christinazuniga

Case Study: Use Your Company’s Brand Ambassador to Drive Response

case-study-click-thruAt the Aprimo (Teradata Application) Summit in 2013, one of the breakout presenters challenged everyone in the room to do an A/B test in for Every. Single. Email. At the time it caused a visceral reaction – who has the resources to do consistent testing for every email when schedules are tight? Not to mention the follow up analysis – testing is useless if it doesn’t lead to a conclusion and, more importantly, actionable items for improvement. This is my goal for each campaign now.

One of my campaigns showed startling results because I was only able to invest in testing for the one out of two emails, which highlighted the difference a sender name can make. The first email was sent under a generic name and received an average open rate and dismal click rate. An 80% decrease in clicks compared to our average Click Through Rate. Ouch.

Case-Study-ClickThruRateFor the second email, I was given more resources and instructions to do some testing. One email would be targeted by the company’s vertical and the sender name would be from our director of that vertical. He’s well known in the industry and amongst our customers. The rest of the contacts would receive the email from our generic sender: the same sender from the first email.

The general email had another typical open rate, with a slight increase in CTR. Given the results of the first email, this is what we would expect to see in the second email. The vertical specifc email had a higher than average open rate but an astounding 280% increase in CTR! Furthermore, there were no opt outs from this email.

The vertical specific email was more successful because customers trusted the sender name – a spokesperson of the industry and a well known person from our brand. By leveraging the sender name, we saw more clicks and an increase in registrations for our event. This is not a “true” A/B test because the contacts were not randomly assigned to an email, but it was an exercise in reviewing how customers react to a familiar name and a reminder that if you have a valuable asset – you should use it.

I pass along the challenge from the 2013 Aprimo Summit – A/B Test. Every. Email.

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