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January 16, 2013 / christinazuniga

You’ve heard it before…Content Is King


Writing content is a struggle for every marketer. How do I write text that inspires leads to buy my product, keeps customers engaged and provides relevant details without causing people to opt out or worse, label me as SPAM?

In this case, I’ll focus on B2B content, because that is where I’m often stumped trying to make my email relevant, timely and not annoying enough to cause opt outs (every email marketer’s goal). I work for a B2B company that creates, supports and sells manufacturing software (ERP Systems). In my industry, selling takes months or even years, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes over a million!) and can take months to implement.

Discount offers are an insurmountable challenge due to the large costs of buying and implementing – imagine 10% off of a $1M deal. Free trial giveaways are impossible since systems are often customized by each company. The work to install could take as long as the free trial itself.

I email about product updates, Webinar & event invitations, surveys, and announcements but what I wish I could do is share success stories with my leads.

Product success stories are difficult in the fast paced software world. By the time it is implemented, the customer expresses happiness, permission is given for a referral, proofreading and editing occur, and legal teams for us and the customer agree…after all of that time and work, we might have released a new version of the software – meaning that this reference isn’t relevant to the selling we want to do with leads.


While we can still use them as a referral with hot leads ready to buy, using them in email marketing for low level leads that need some TLC makes us look untimely and slow. It is not the image we want to project.

For now, I keep my success stories firmly in the Non-Profit sector, where storytelling is integral to success and often has a quick turn around time for email and print marketing.

I can’t tell you what content will dazzle your customers, but I encourage you to try new processes, experiment with content and don’t forget to proofread like your life depends on it. If you have ideas or your own success story, tell me in the comments section.


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